“Hear What Current And Past Tenants Say About Living At Graduate Gardens”

 Listed below are some of the written comments that the owners received from their tenants: 

"Stephen, Thank you for taking care of Andrew this past year."   Tom F. (Andrew's Dad)

"Steve, ....thanks for taking care of the townhouses this past week.  It is such a comfort to know that you are always around."  Shawna S.  2007

"Steve, ...thank you for everything that you do for us."  The Girls from 403

"Steve, we just wanted to take the time to tell you how much we appreciate your efforts and care toward us and the units.  It is so Graduatesreassuring to know your concern for our safety and well-being.  You are one hard worker."  Meaghan, Chelsea & Sam 2008

Here's a testimonial...32% of the tenants at Graduate Gardens were on the Fall '07 Dean's List at WMU.  Wow!!!

From Kristen of 403 in an email..."P.S.  We all miss our house...it just isn't the same this year"

From Lindsey of 411 in an email, and after the big snowfall of 2011..."Hey Steve, all us girls at 411 wanted to thank you sooo much for all the hard work you and the other men did today clearing the parking lot. We really appreciate all you do for us."

From "The boys at 407 Graduate Gardens want to say thanks, and how much we appreciate all the amazing help we had from Steve and Pattie at HMS".