Apply Now

As previously mentioned, Graduate Gardens operates in a sort of hybrid fashion.  That is, Steve and Margaret, the owners, take care of the majority of the ongoing maintenance issues on and around the property.  However, the application process, as well as all other lease related topics, are handled by Hickory Management Services (Link provided on the "Links" menu selection).

 The first step in the process is completing an application.  I have provided a pdf formatted copy of their application that will help you get started on the process.  The form can be completed on your computer, printed and then hand delivered to Hickory Management Services.  The reason for the application is quite simple.  All applicants are screened for their credit worthiness.  All prospective roommates must complete an application.  This step helps protect all interested parties, including you. 

The second form that is available is a pdf form for the co-signer application.  The same is true of this form.  It is to be completed, signed by a parent in front of a notary, and will be maintained in your file. 

 If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact HMS at 269-342-1488.