Welcome to Graduate Gardens

Are you going to be one of the lucky 28?

Graduate Gardens has it all; Clean, quiet and convenient to campus. Responsive, local ownership. Large 4 bedroom units. 1,750 square feet of living space. Vaulted ceilings with an island in the kitchen. Modern open floor plan. All the comfort of home. Truly a place of which to be proud. Perhaps these are the reasons that our tenants stay with us for multiple years. Graduate Gardens is clearly the best choice in student living. Give us a call. We would enjoy the opportunity to give you and your friends a tour.

As the owners of Graduate Gardens Margaret and I take great pride in our property. We also take great pride in our tenants. Our commitment to you, the student tenant, is clear. Nowhere else will you find as attentive landlords/owners. We work with our tenants to ensure that they will have a great college experience while attending Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College or Kalamazoo Valley Community College. We take the stress out of your living arrangement so that you can focus on school. 

When your parents assist you with move in, they are amazed at the quality of the facility, the cleanliness of the grounds, and the spotlessly clean unit. They appreciate the fact that they don't have to lift a finger to prep your unit before they do the hard work of moving in the furniture. Margaret and I make sure of this. On move in days, we are on site to answer questions that you may have. 

Communicating throughout the semester is important. We maintain a list of all email addresses as this method seems to be a great way to disseminate information. We also maintain a list of each of your phone numbers so that we may contact you directly if necessary. In return, each tenant has my cell phone number that they may use to contact me for help. 

The next step is yours. Be smart; Be one of the lucky 28. Call for a tour as soon as possible. With quality living like this, Graduate Gardens fills up quickly.

Thanks for visiting our web site.

Stephen & Margaret, Owners